r e s e a r c h - p r o j e c t s

iworld this is "how i would like to browse tomorrow". it's about
a (userinter-) face for the mobile and semantic web
of the next generation.

liquid browsing one of the many visual interactive spaces (ispaces) used in "iworld"
is the "liquid scatter space". you can see and feel it here.

deen a bitmap_fontsystem

ipad+itiles ideas for a mobile computer and OS_concepts

octomatics do you think our conventional decimal number system is perfect?
if not...this is for you: a new octal_based mathematics_system
for the information age.

transcode a media_art_experiment about codes and communication.

winner of the following multimedia-contests:
europrix (best of europes multimedia), transmediale99,
multimedia transfer99 and screen-multimedia99

(never be fooled by awards...)

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