a l l . w e . c a n . s a y . r i g h t . n o w . . .

sorry. we apologize, that currently we can't provide any deep
insights into the iworld project. there are some very
interesting developments under way, that don't allow us
to present it to the public at the moment.

in short the iworld-project is about working on something
like a 'swiss army knife' for the information age:
a very versatile information- and knowlege-tool
for everyday usage. the main goal is to provide a
very powerful but still easy-to-use GUI that enables
us to organize the world's information in a very
complex, but very fast and intuitive way.

the project started in 1996 as a complex wishlist
"how i would like to browse tomorrow". in 1999 some
parts of it were published as a design thesis (iworld.01)
at darmstadt university of applied sciences and now
we are very proud to announce that iworld will become
reality in the near future. stay tuned...and be exited.

if you want to support the project and/or get in contact
please send an email to: carsten@infoverse.org